MARCH 9,2018

MARCH 9,2018
Tools2Edie and I had the privilege of praying for and seeing off, the March 2018 Short Term Mission Team sponsored by Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) and the Centenary United Methodist Church (CUMC) in Lexington Thursday, March 8 from the Lexington, Kentucky airport for Gulu, Uganda. (Top Row –Lft: Isaac, Tony, John, and Scot. Bottom left: Callie, Caitlyn, Kristen and Julie). An additional team member, Kennedy Azaambo will meet them in Gulu. The team is led by Julie Broderson, the Mission Minister for CUMC. Julie is also a GMPI volunteer who serves as its Associate Director of Mission Teams and Projects.
Imbedded in the team is GMPI’s first Well Repair Team. A few months ago, GMPI sent John, Scot, and Kennedy to Water Step Trainers in Louisville to learn how to repair wells and pumps. Tony already has his training. These four and Steve will be proclaiming Christ, building relationship, and as they fix wells they will be training two villagers at each site how to repair wells. Thanks to GMPI donors the team will be taking two complete sets of repair tools ($3500). One set they will leave in Gulu. GMPI also purchased approximately $3400 worth of parts. There are eleven wells on their list to fix that will provide safe water for about 2000 people. The Well Team will fix as many as they can in the time they have.
Thanks to God stirring the hearts of donors, GMPI is able to expand its mission to include the Well and Pump Repair Mission. Hundreds of wells in Gulu are not operational due to in many cases, a $4 part and the villager’s lack of tools and knowledge to fix the well. This forces villagers to wall long miles for water or drink from contaminated water causing dysentery, typhus, and other diseases. Single Dress
Dresses            The other members of the team (Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Kristen and Julie) will be involved in children ministries. They will distribute 80 plus dresses for little girls that were made by women of the Hindman United Methodist Church. These dresses are adorable and colorful. They will make a lot of little girls happy. Thanks to these ladies and everyone who contributed to the 2018 March Short Term Mission Team.
God being our helper, GMPI will continue to send Well & Pump Repair Mission Teams while supporting our existing ministries: Pastoral Support, Pastor & Lay Training, the CHILDERO Orphan Education Ministry, Distribution of Acholi Bible, Mosquito Nets and funds for local and community ministries, church property purchases, facilities construction, and small business grants.

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.

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