AUGUST 21, 2018

AUGUST 21, 2018

          Last Spring’s Board of Directors (BOD) meeting, the BOD received the requests of Rev David Ntogohnya and the Gulu District Leaders for $10,000 to build a wall around the District Conference Center (DCC) and the District Lodge (DL).

The BODs initially discussed their reluctance to put money into a wall when Metal Storage Containerorphans, mosquito nets, support for pastors and many other things seem to be more crucial. It might be difficult to gain the support of donors for the project. Inside the District Conference CenterUsually we honor the District Leaders request because we figure they know best. We asked them in view of all the needs what made this wall a priority.

When we heard the Gulu District leaders’ reasoning, we knew this project was a top priority. We knew that in the past eight years GMPI has partnered with the Gulu District to build the DCC, the Lodge and begin a Well and Pump Repair ministry. We partnered with Centenary UMC (Lexington) and Gulu Leaders to sponsor the Childero Orphan Ministry.Entrance Gate to the District Conference Center These buildings and ministries have made the DCC a repository for a growing collection of valuable District resources for ministries. On the DCC grounds is a Metal Container that stores expensive resources and equipment including the Well/Pump Repair tools and parts are stored. The new District Lodge next to the DCC is nearly complete. The Lodge adds new valuables and safety concerns. This summer the Gulu District has been given the honor of hosting at the DCC and Lodge the Uganda UMC Annual Conference. People will be coming from neighboring countries to attend. DS David and the Gulu District Leaders said that the wall is essential for the security of all the valuables and protection of the staff and those attending trainings, retreats and Conferences.

Picture of builders working to build the wall
Installing a gate during Construction of the wallThe BOD agreed to the project and shortly the money was raised. It has been about ninety days and the wall is almost complete. Seen in some of these pictures are the pastors and spouses working on the wall, and cleaning the buildings and grounds. The picture (below left) is the new District Lodge. The GMPI’s 2014 Short term mission team (below right) laid the foundation for the Lodge and raised funds to continue the construction of the building after they had left.
It is an exciting thing to be used of God to bring about all of these assets for ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness. 2014 mission team laying the foundation for the lodge
New District Lodge

Your Servant in Christ
Pastor John

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.

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