Our Work

uganda pastors

GMPI has four main foci for ministry

Church Building

The physical presence of a church building helps create community awareness, stability, and ownership. When fellowships, which usually meet in homes or under a tree, grow large enough to need more substantial space, land is purchased and a structure is built. GMPI helps provide funding for land and materials, while locals do much of the labor.


Water Accessibility

Through Water of Life, local church leaders repair existing boreholes in partnership with local water committees, providing villages and neighborhoods with access to clean water.


Orphan Support

Vulnerable children to attend the local United Methodist Churches are given educational support, school supplies and shoes, and attend a weekly Bible club through Childero.

Leadership Training

Most pastors, both men and women, have no formal training for their role. GMPI helps non-English speakers attend a bible school. Pastors who are proficient in English are sent to the UM training center in Mukono for intensive classes. GMPI also provides conferences for church members to help them grow in their discipleship and leadership capacity.



Teams to Gulu

Usually once a year, GMPI leads a trip to encourage, equip and participate in the ministries of the church in Gulu. To learn more about the upcoming opportunities, contact us.


GMPI is a 501c3 non-profit registered with the state of Kentucky. The GMPI Board of Directors approves disbursements and purchases. All resources are distributed through a local leader in Gulu who provides documentation and receipts for expenditures. GMPI is also subject to an annual audit. Financial statement is available upon request.