Become a Partner

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI.
$1,085.00 donated
2 Donors
  • Bibles and mosquito nets $10 each
  • “Shoes that Grow” for a child $25
  • Solar lights  $45
  • Pastor Support $55/month
  • Pastor Training: Vernacular $125/year
  • Church ministry support $180/year
  • Borehole Repair $300/well
  • Orphan Support $350/year
  • Pastor Training: Mukono Bible College $600/year
  • Borehole Installation $7500
  • Church construction $7000
  • Property Purchase $10,000

GMPI is an all-volunteer mission; no one receives a salary; every penny goes to the mission.

Make checks payable to “Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc.” If you designate your gift, make sure the designation is noted on the check (example: Bible, mosquito nets, pastoral support, CHILDERO etc.) If you have no designation, the donation will go to the “General Fund” to be used where it is most needed.

Send checks to: Gulu Methodist Partnership Incorporated, 1007 Bellefonte Rd, Flatwoods, KY 41139

Your Donation