Gulu Methodist Partnership, Inc.


Assist, Unite, Provide

The Mission of the Gulu Methodist Partnership Incorporated (GMPI) is to assist the Gulu, Uganda, United Methodist Church District pastors and churches in their efforts to make Christian disciples and minister to the needs of their churches and communities under the guidance of the East African Conference and Gulu District leaders.

Establishing the Church

The story of the establishment of the churches in Gulu, Uganda after the LRA War

Our Impact

GMPI is a relatively young mission, yet God has accomplished much through the work of all involved.

Our History

Explore the history of Gulu Methodist Partnership, Inc. and about where we came from.

Our Pastors, Team, and Board of Directors


  • Partner with the Gulu, Uganda, churches to make disciples for Jesus.
  • Liaison with East African Conference and Gulu District leaders to receive their requests for GMPI assistance and their accountability (pictures, receipts, e-mail) for funds sent.
  • Raise awareness among churches, individuals, and other funding sources regarding the Gulu District churches and GMPI’s mission.
  • Facilitate sending Volunteers In Mission (VIM) Teams to the Gulu District to: 1) Assist with projects identified by the Gulu District Superintendent and leaders, 2) Deepen the team members’ discipleship and leadership, broaden their awareness of world poverty, and motivate them to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them.”
  • Raise funds for projects identified by East African Conference and Gulu District leaders, and the funds necessary for the Gulu Methodist Partnership, Inc. to operate and accomplish its mission.
  • Communicate with board of directors, partner-churches, members, friends and potential participants to keep them informed concerning the work of GMPI and to promote opportunities for participation and support.
  • Help to provide resources for property and structures among the Gulu District United Methodist Churches (UMCs) to enhance their ability to minister to their members and the needs of their respective communities.
  • Provide money for micro-financing small businesses that can show a profit while making disciples for Jesus Christ, ministering to community needs, and addressing human suffering.