November 1, 2017

Dear Friends

I am requesting your support for a mission to save from sickness and death, a multitude of people in Gulu, Uganda, East Africa
November 2017 Pic2November 2017 Pic3November 2017 Pic4Contaminated water kills an estimated 3.4 million people each year; many are children. Contaminated water lowers the immune system, causes Cholera and Typhoid epidemics, Dysentery, Guinea worm disease and many other diseases. Where there are no wells or wells that are broken, people walk miles (right) to collect water from contaminated water sources like the one pictured here on the left.

Merely, drilling borehole wells is not enough. Wells break down, some less than eighteen months after beginning operation. All over Uganda there are wells out of operation. They could be in use if only they had a little money for parts and the know-how to repair the well.

Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) is a 501c3 non-profit that partners with the Methodist churches of Gulu, Uganda, to support them in their efforts to make disciples and minister to their communities.

One of GMPI’s new ministries to Gulu churches and villages is the WELL REPAIR AND TRAINING (WRT) mission. GMPI invested $2700 to send three people to attend the Water Step training in Louisville, KY to learn well and pump repair and water filtration. These three will form GMPI’s first WRT short term missionary team. The mission is planned for some time in March, 2018 if their funds are raised.

The WRT Team will repair wells while training people designated by each Village Well Comission (VWC) to maintain their respective wells. GMPI will supply the tool kits (approximately $2500) and a kit of parts to fix the wells ($800). It is the WRT team members responsibility to help raise their support. Their collective support with be approximately $8400 ($2800 X 3) for the three WRT Team’s food, lodging, air and ground transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

There is a direct correlation between your gift and the health and lives of people. Would you consider donating to the March 2018 WRT Team to support their efforts to protect the health and save the lives of Gulu villagers? Any amount would be gratefully appreciated. Make your check payable to “GMPI” and designate it for the “WRT Team Missioners 2018” and send to GMPI, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144.

In Christian love,
Pastor John Shroll, Executive Director, GMPI

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