MAY 16, 2017

                                                     MAY 16, 2017
Dear Friends,
          Here are a couple reports from two Gulu District United Methodist Pastors.  In a few places I have edited some spelling and grammar for readability but not the substance. I am continuously impressed with their growing command of the English language.
        I am proud of the work God is doing thru these pastors and churches and for GMPI to have a part in it thru the pastor support fund.
Your Servant in Christ,                                  Pastor John
Report from Pastor Solomon, Laibi UMC Hezekiah spoke of the Significance of passing the joy of the Lord from generation to generation. The heritage of our faith has come to us because of faithful men and women who have carried God’s message to us across the Centuries.  (Solomon challenges his flock to) ….share with your children or other young people the excitement of your relationship with God?.
I thank God …(the GMPI’s)  Pastors Support has helped me a lot with my family … when …my Children were sick …people had a big problem with food … everything is very expensive.” But when we received the support it has helped us within that period, and may you all be bless for your help.
The Ministry Support has helped to support the prayer group of our women in the Church, which … meet every Friday. The pray, fellowship together and take tea after their meeting. We have also buy some few items for our Local Church …items for Holy Communion which we take it on every Sunday when the items are still there to be used.JJ 5-3-2017 1
JJ 5-3-2017 2          Thanks so much Brothers and Sisters for your support and prayers for our family and our Local Church. we also pray for you people.
Report from Pastor Peter, Koch Goma UMCReceive a Christian greeting from Pastor Peter Ojok. Last week i was not feeling okey and i went for medical check up … they found that I have  typhoid  but now am getting treatment. I know very soon i will be okey and as you see in the photos is me and some of church members we are doing charitable work in the community these includes non beleivers. (My Note: They were clearing a site to make a shelter for elderly and the disabled in the community. JJ 5-3-20717 3They brought water from the well for domestic work. ) This ministry shows the love of Christ’s like the Bible said.  When you help those who are in need there is blessing. So may God bless GMPI for supporting our ministry. The photos are not clear because i dont have a good camera but i use the one in my phone. We need your prayers for this program we have some problems, so may you pray for us so that God give more energy and persons for God’s work  and for the community to be blessed. Pastor Peter Ojok

 (John’s Note) Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God, to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.

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