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        GMPI is an all-volunteer mission; no one receives a salary; every penny goes to the mission. If offerings are designated that is where the money goes. Make checks payable to "Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc.” If you designate your gift, make sure the designation is noted on the check (example: Bible, mosquito nets, pastoral support, CHILDERO etc.) If you have no designation, the donation will go to the "General Fund" to be used where it is most needed. Send checks to: Gulu Methodist Partnership Incorporated, 133 Cumberland Road, Greenup, KY 41144.

The following are opportunities.

  1. Pastoral Support
  2. Construction Projects, District Facilities, and Church building
  3. Purchas Bibles
  4. CHILDERO (Educating Orphan Children
  5. Volunteer In Mission Team
  6. Pastoral / Lay Leadership Training - These include training events in Gulu or the UMC Bible School for pastors at Humble School in Kampala for two weeks during the school holidays for a period of two years to earn a Diploma Certificate in Theology.
  7. Mosquito Net Purchase.
  8. Well (Bored Hole) Drilling, Well Maintenance, Pump Repair
  9. Micro-financing Small Business Loans - Help a local church or an individual in the church set up a business to earn money for a church or individual in the church. All business must satisfy a community need.
  10. Local Church Ministries Fund for the local church or in the community.
  11. Invite a speaker to come to your church or group on behalf of GMPI.
  12. General Fund. This is money for operation and emerging mission needs.