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John's Journal Heading picJOHN’S JOURNAL
  Pastor John is a Graduate of  Indiana Wesleyan University and Asbury Theological Seminary.  An Elder in the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church for 37 years, serving as a Navy Chaplain (11 years) and a pastor (26 years). He retired from the pastoral ministry in June, 2011, to donate his time as the Executive Director of the Gulu Methodist Partnership, Incorporated (GMPI).




            MARCH 9,2018
12Edie and I had the privilege of praying for and seeing off, the March 2018 Short Term Mission Team sponsored by Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) and the Centenary United Methodist Church (CUMC) in Lexington Thursday, March 8 from the Lexington, Kentucky airport for Gulu, Uganda. (Top Row –Lft: Isaac, Tony, John, and Scot. Bottom left: Callie, Caitlyn, Kristen and Julie). An additional team member, Kennedy Azaambo will meet them in Gulu. The team is led by Julie Broderson, the Mission Minister for CUMC. Julie is also a GMPI volunteer who serves as its Associate Director of Mission Teams and Projects.
Imbedded in the team is GMPI’s first Well Repair Team. A few months ago, GMPI sent John, Scot, and Kennedy to Water Step Trainers in Louisville to learn how to repair wells and pumps. Tony already has his training. These four and Steve will be proclaiming Christ, building relationship, and as they fix wells they will be training two villagers at each site how to repair wells. Thanks to GMPI donors the team will be taking two complete sets of repair tools ($3500). One set they will leave in Gulu. GMPI also purchased approximately $3400 worth of parts. There are eleven wells on their list to fix that will provide safe water for about 2000 people. The Well Team will fix as many as they can in the time they have.
Thanks to God stirring the hearts of donors, GMPI is able to expand its mission to include the Well and Pump Repair Mission. Hundreds of wells in Gulu are not operational due to in many cases, a $4 part and the villager’s lack of tools and knowledge to fix the well. This forces villagers to wall long miles for water or drink from contaminated water causing dysentery, typhus, and other diseases. Single Dress
Dresses            The other members of the team (Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Kristen and Julie) will be involved in children ministries. They will distribute 80 plus dresses for little girls that were made by women of the Hindman United Methodist Church. These dresses are adorable and colorful. They will make a lot of little girls happy. Thanks to these ladies and everyone who contributed to the 2018 March Short Term Mission Team.
God being our helper, GMPI will continue to send Well & Pump Repair Mission Teams while supporting our existing ministries: Pastoral Support, Pastor & Lay Training, the CHILDERO Orphan Education Ministry, Distribution of Acholi Bible, Mosquito Nets and funds for local and community ministries, church property purchases, facilities construction, and small business grants.

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.


December 21, 2017
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I thank God for what He is doing through you for the pastors, churches and villages of Gulu, Uganda. Through your gifts: pastors are being supported, pastors and church lay people receive training in the Christian faith, wells are drilled and pumps repaired to deliver safe drinking water,  Bibles and mosquito nets are being distributed to save lives, Orphans are being educated and discipled, churches are providing ministries to their communities and much more.

We know that the gifts given in love to accomplish these things, are our response to God’s gift of love in Jesus. It is at Christmas time that the world is confronted afresh with God’s gift of love expressed in the Babe in a Bethlehem manger. The birth of Christ begins the gospel story. The world wonders what this is all about.  It is up to Christians to use this opportunity to complete this Gospel story of God’s love expressed in Jesus’ birth, life, crucifixion, death, resurrection and living today and seen visibly thru the words and deeds of His body the church.

The love of God is expressed so profoundly in the birth of Jesus Christ. No human intellect, no matter how advanced, can wrap his or her arms around how God, who cannot be contained in the universe He created, yet could be born of woman, clothed in flesh, and down-sized to fit in a manger.  Yet, that is exactly what happened. I cannot understand or explain the “how,” but I can believe and trust in Jesus, the ‘Why”.

Let me put this cosmic, “why,” in the earthly arena of my own story that is your story too.  The devil had me down. My sins beat me to a pulp. I was powerless in my human strength and ability to stand against the devil. Even when I wanted to do good, I screwed it up. I was destined to be a servant in the devil’s house until God ’s judgement day when I joined satan and all his house in hell. If I was to escape this horrific fate, I needed a Hero. But who could possibly be that Hero and why would he want to save me?

The “why” question is personified in Jesus, God’s loving response to our need for a hero (John 3:16),”For God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son ...” God sent Jesus into the world to be our Hero and not ours alone but every human person ever born. The blood that Jesus shed on the cross, cleanses us from sin. The power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead makes us a new creation in Christ. That same power of the Spirit transforms us and gives us a new birth into His body the church. God in Christ, gives us a new purpose to evangelize and disciple all those about us and throughout the world.

My Hero is 100% God and 100% human (another thing we can’t comprehend).  But my Hero began his human life born of a virgin in a humble stable but became the King of kings, the Lord of lords, Emmanuel (God with us).  No matter how humble our beginnings, God wants to do great things in and through us (“more than we can imagine” – Eph.3:20) through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May God grant you the best Christmas ever and a fruitful New Year.

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.


Dear Friends

            I am requesting your support for a mission to save from sickness and death, a multitude of people in Gulu, Uganda, East Africa
November 2017 Pic2November 2017 Pic3November 2017 Pic4Contaminated water kills an estimated 3.4 million people each year; many are children. Contaminated water lowers the immune system, causes Cholera and Typhoid epidemics, Dysentery, Guinea worm disease and many other diseases. Where there are no wells or wells that are broken, people walk miles (right) to collect water from contaminated water sources like the one pictured here on the left.
            Merely, drilling borehole wells is not enough. Wells break down, some less than eighteen months after beginning operation. All over Uganda there are wells out of operation. They could be in use if only they had a little money for parts and the know-how to repair the well.
            Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) is a 501c3 non-profit that partners with the Methodist churches of Gulu, Uganda, to support them in their efforts to make disciples and minister to their communities.
            One of GMPI’s new ministries to Gulu churches and villages is the WELL REPAIR AND TRAINING (WRT) mission. GMPI invested $2700 to send three people to attend the Water Step training in Louisville, KY to learn well and pump repair and water filtration. These three will form GMPI’s first WRT short term missionary team. The mission is planned for some time in March, 2018 if their funds are raised.
            The WRT Team will repair wells while training people designated by each Village Well Comission (VWC) to maintain their respective wells. GMPI will supply the tool kits (approximately $2500) and a kit of parts to fix the wells ($800). It is the WRT team members responsibility to help raise their support. Their collective support with be approximately $8400 ($2800 X 3) for the three WRT Team’s food, lodging, air and ground transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

            There is a direct correlation between your gift and the health and lives of people. Would you consider donating to the March 2018 WRT Team to support their efforts to protect the health and save the lives of Gulu villagers? Any amount would be gratefully appreciated. Make your check payable to “GMPI” and designate it for the “WRT Team Missioners 2018” and send to GMPI, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144.

                                    In Christian love,
                                    Pastor John Shroll, Executive Director, GMPI


September 22, 2017
Diego Lyra

WaterStep BuildingWaterStep BuildingYesterday I visited the WaterStep Organization (WaterStep.org) in Louisville, Kentucky where I met two very amiable staff members: Sarah Yoder and Diego Lyra. I arrived without an appointment but they made room for me on their schedule. Diego gave me a comprehensive tour of their training site. WaterStep trains people to fix wells, pumps, and filtration systems.

GMPI is planning to send volunteers to WATERSTEP for training and then sending them to Gulu to put their training to good use. More borehole wells are needed in Gulu. Many existing wells are not in use needing pump repair. Gulu wells, especially shallow wells, are contaminated by ground water and need a filtration system installed and maintained. The lack of accessible, clean potable water is the cause for typhus, immune disorders, and other health issues. Recently, thanks to the GMPI donors we were able to send to Gulu over $13,000 to drill a bore hole well and repair four pumps. We required of the churches and villages several things to qualify for receiving these funds: 1) Have a church and community well committee 2) Open a bank account 3) Raise funds for future repairs 4) Have two volunteers at each well site who will take well maintenance and pump repair training. If GMPI is requiring volunteers who are willing to be trained, then we need to provide that training. WaterStep will be important in enabling us to do that. We have two GMPI Volunteers who are willing to take the training and go to Gulu.

Mock Well

I will attempt to describe the training evolution that Diego showed me, but understand I have no prior knowledge of the process, terms or tools.

The training begins with a mock well bed (right) that simulates where the pipe makes contact with the under-ground water source.


Well Pumps       More Pumps
(above) Then Diego took me to the second floor where they have the various pumps in common use (above). He showed me the various toolsthey use that were mounted on the wall.

Tools for wells
Pictured below is a low-tech way that two or three people can drill a shallow well up to 50 feet deep with only some primitive equipment and without the requirement of mechanical or heavy duty equipment. Shallow wells are easily contaminated by ground water so infiltration plants are needed.

Portable filtration system

Diego showed me two filtration systems. Pictured (below left) is a small portable system that is powered by a common car battery. The system makes its own bleach using water, salt and electricity from the battery. The system pumps, filters, and purifies the water then pumps the water into a tank or a large bladder like the two contained in the blue bags behind the unit.

Larger Filtration System


The larger filtration system (pictured left) runs off a generator or the electric grid. It can process more water faster


Filter CoreYellow Core

The filter for both of these systems is made to be cleaned and reused. Inside the black housing (pictured left) is a stack of individual yellow  rings  with scrubbing teeth. The rings encircle a water pipe that carries water through these filter rings.  

Water Supply

The system can draw water from a source like this and turn the water into clean, pure water that is safe to drink.

The training will cost GMPI about  $780  ($400 for the training $320 for lodging and $60 for food) per person. The trainee will furnish their own transportation.  It will cost about $2600 (transportation, food, and lodging) to send each volunteer to  Gulu for ten days. This does not include the purchase of tools and material.   But it will save the lives of many people.

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.

August 14, 2017

Dear Friends, 
Here is Gulu District Superintendent David Notogohnya's inspiring update (words and pictures) on God's work being done in Gulu.. It is affirming to know that GMPI's work is complimented by the work of other churches and mission teams. For example the foundation of the  Hospitality Wing at the District Conference Center was constructed and funded by a GMPI sponsored short term mission team in 2014. The walls were built with funds donated by GMPI donors from the Hardy UMC, and the roof was built by funds donated by the Central to Life UMC church, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

We will be adding another pastor, Christine, to the list of eight pastors GMPI supports.. This will require an extra $195 a quarter.

You will be excited to read the wonderful things God is doing through GMPI Donors and the work in the Gulu District of other churches and organizations and mission teams.

God bless
Pastor John

Gulu District Superintendent’s  Update on What God Is Doing in the Gulu District
Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank God who has been very faithful to us since this year began with drought and many families surviving with one meal a day, due to the irregular little rains that we had in summer season last year. On the spiritual side God has sustained us and enabled us also to do His work faithfully, though not without difficulty. We have had cases of indiscipline on the part of a few individuals in the church which we have administratively handled locally.
District Center
I am happy to report that  the hospitality  wing of our District Center was roofed last month with a generous donation of 10,000USD from our long time partners in mission Central to Life UMC church Fayetelle Arkansas. Below are the pictures: 

Picture above is the front; the other two below is the elevation from the back just next to the District hall and offices.

The roof over the Hospitality wing has changed the entire Center outlook. The next phase is to secure the property with a wall fence to protect the buildings from vandalism; the neighborhood has many children who play on the premises, they write on walls, break glass panes and make the place dirty. To control use of the property we need this wall fence and a gate which according to the quotation I have will need about 33.5 million Uganda shillings which is close to about 10,000USD. Having a fence will help us to keep the place clean and to begin organizing the compound. The rest of the work we can still do in phases when the place is protected.

Koch corom  UMC
The existing building of Koch corom local church was affected by the expansion of the main road from Gulu to Anaka which is under construction at the moment. As a result of loss of part of the land and the front part of the building, the Uganda National Road Authority an agency of government valued the building and land (which is now in the road reserve) at 38,000,000/= (Thirty million Uganda shillings) and was deposited on our church account in the month of June. It is the reason why a new building is being constructed behind the existing structure; we did not want to wait until the old building is brought down, before we build the new one. Hopefully by October the new church will be complete. Below are some pictures of the new building:

Water wells
I am happy to report that  the repairs of three  of the 4 boreholes of Layibi, Koch corom, Opit and Koch goma have taken place, and the community is appreciative of the assistance of the church to have again clean and safe drinking water. The water committees are in place to manage and oversee the welfare and maintenance of the wells. I sent you the docs. for the new well at Achwang which well has made a difference in the witness of the church in the local community. Below is a copy  of the contract of the repair of three boreholes and the payment.

Solomon and a neighbor drawing water at the new Achwang borehole

Children at the repaired borehole at Opit UMC


Grain Project:
It is harvest time now though, the rains were late; the grain project team gave out to farmers seeds at the beginning of the season in form of soft loans; they are now beginning to harvest and Pr Douglas has started moving around the local churches in the district to collect the grain; I will say more on this in my next report
Grace UMC Gony cogoo
Grace UMC is doing fine; our presence and witness in the area was boosted with the medical mobile clinic that we carried out with our friends from Central to Life UMC Arkansas when they visited us last month. Over 200 patients were attended to and many more prayed for; we also had a few who committed their lives to Christ (I will forward to you a full report on the medical clinic as sent to me by Mike one of the volunteers who took a record).  Christine is caretaking the church and I would recommend that she be included on the list of supported pastors by GMPI.
The fellowships of Abole, Lalia and Otumpili  are expanding with more activities and attendance in their weekly meetings.
The challenges are still many but we really appreciate the support that GMPI has rendered to the church in Gulu both prayers and finances. The annual conference will take place in about two weeks time at the Humble school at Mukono, we hope to have a big representation at the Conference with the pastors and a few lay delegates at least one from each of the churches and fellowships for them to get a feel at what happens at these Methodist meetings.

June 23, 2017
The Board of Directors (BOD) of the Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) met last April 29 at the Campton United Methodist Church for their Spring Meeting. The BOD voted in favor of a reorganization that divided up the Executive Director’s (ED) responsibilities among the ED and two Associate Directors. The reorganization also  added some responsibilities to the office of the Secretary and the Treasurer.
The following are those elected as officers of the BOD. The Executive Director is pictured above:
      Chuck Shroll                               Julie Broderson                             Kerri Oneal ,                 Rob Hoffman       
     Associate Director                         Associate Director                            Secretary                       Treasurer           
                      Of Administration                    Mission Teams &  Projects                                                                                                        
June 23, 2017 4    http://centenarylex.com/images/member/1julie.jpg     June 23, 2017 2Rob Hoffman Pic

             Julie reported on the CHILDERO Orphan ministry. The Centenary UMC in Lexington is providing excellent monetary support for CHILDERO and  advise through their Centenary Advisory Board. CHILDERO continues to educate about 48 orphans.
Julie currently has no short term missionary trips scheduled for the fall. Not enough people have signed up
June 23, 2017 5June 23, 2017 6          DS David sent a report via e-mail on the four projects that we voted to support last Fall. The property for the Grace UMC at Konjugu has been purchased with the money GMPI wired . They church will begin making bricks in the fall. Christine is the pastor of the church.

The grain resale project has seen a little return and those involved are encouraged.

June 23, 2017 7June 23, 2017 8The well committees of each church applying for funds and composed of church and community members have complied with most of the requirements the BOD made and are ready to receive the $13,000 GMPI sent to drill a borehole well and repair four wells/pumps. The well project will turn the picture on the left to the picture on the ride. Many life-threatening cases of Typhoid and  other diseases will be avoided by having clean water.
The BOD discussed the need to file GMPI’s Kentucky State Annual report by 30 June. The Executive Director filed the report June 23, 2017.
The BOD was excited to elect and welcome two new members to the BOD: Ed Smith from the New Beginnings Church located in Pikeville and Kennedy Odong who is from Gulu, Uganda but now living in Georgetown, Kentucky.
I will be preaching at the New Beginnings Church in Pikeville on Sunday, July 9 and at the Hindman UMC, Hindman on July 23.  Please let me know if I can come to your church in a morning worship service or a small group meeting and share what GMPI is doing. I am retired and I come at my own expense. The number of people present, small or large, or the distance doesn’t matter.
Pastor John Shroll

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.


                                                     MAY 16, 2017
Dear Friends,
          Here are a couple reports from two Gulu District United Methodist Pastors.  In a few places I have edited some spelling and grammar for readability but not the substance. I am continuously impressed with their growing command of the English language.
        I am proud of the work God is doing thru these pastors and churches and for GMPI to have a part in it thru the pastor support fund.
Your Servant in Christ,                                  Pastor John
Report from Pastor Solomon, Laibi UMC Hezekiah spoke of the Significance of passing the joy of the Lord from generation to generation. The heritage of our faith has come to us because of faithful men and women who have carried God's message to us across the Centuries.  (Solomon challenges his flock to) ….share with your children or other young people the excitement of your relationship with God?.
I thank God …(the GMPI’s)  Pastors Support has helped me a lot with my family … when …my Children were sick …people had a big problem with food … everything is very expensive.” But when we received the support it has helped us within that period, and may you all be bless for your help.
The Ministry Support has helped to support the prayer group of our women in the Church, which … meet every Friday. The pray, fellowship together and take tea after their meeting. We have also buy some few items for our Local Church …items for Holy Communion which we take it on every Sunday when the items are still there to be used.JJ 5-3-2017 1
JJ 5-3-2017 2          Thanks so much Brothers and Sisters for your support and prayers for our family and our Local Church. we also pray for you people.
Report from Pastor Peter, Koch Goma UMCReceive a Christian greeting from Pastor Peter Ojok. Last week i was not feeling okey and i went for medical check up … they found that I have  typhoid  but now am getting treatment. I know very soon i will be okey and as you see in the photos is me and some of church members we are doing charitable work in the community these includes non beleivers. (My Note: They were clearing a site to make a shelter for elderly and the disabled in the community. JJ 5-3-20717 3They brought water from the well for domestic work. ) This ministry shows the love of Christ’s like the Bible said.  When you help those who are in need there is blessing. So may God bless GMPI for supporting our ministry. The photos are not clear because i dont have a good camera but i use the one in my phone. We need your prayers for this program we have some problems, so may you pray for us so that God give more energy and persons for God’s work  and for the community to be blessed. Pastor Peter Ojok

 (John’s Note) Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God, to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.


                                                                                              MARCH 16, 2017
                                                           Presentation to Peggy Payne

I am scheduling visits to churches to share the things God is accomplishing through the GMPI mission. I can give a brief five minute mini-presentation during the announcements portion of a worship service or a full program. There is no charge; I come at my own expense. Please let me know if I can come and share with your church, or organization.

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of attending the morning worship service at Louisa First United Methodist Church (LFUMC) in Louisa, Kentucky and sharing with the church what God is accomplishing through the Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI) mission. This visitation gave me the opportunity to thank the Louisa FUMC for their support. In addition to their financial support, the church has supplied us with GMPI’s Assistant Executive Director , Ray Payne, and our Treasurer, Peggy Payne.

From the very beginning of GMPI, nearly seven years ago, Peggy has been our treasurer. She has worked tirelessly to wire funds to the Gulu District for pastoral support, Bibles, property purchases, construction costs mosquito nets and CHILDERO orphan ministry and many other things. She helped to track the wired funds and receive receipts that ensured accountability.

Peggy and Ray are preparing to retire in a few months and move closer to family in North Carolina so she has resigned as GMPI treasurer. During the LFUMC visit I presented Peggy with a plaque in appreciation for her faithful service (Pictured above).
Your Friend, Pastor John

 (John’s Note) Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.



                                            FEBRUARY 8, 2017

I thought the readers of John’s Journal might be interested in a report about the Fall 2016 Mission team to Gulu led by Julie Broderson. Julie is planning to take another mission team to Gulu in the Fall of 2017. Perhaps you would be interested in being a team member. I have included some interest forms at the bottom of this article.
2            Julie Broderson (left) is the Pastor of Missions for the Centenary United Methodist Church (CUMC), in Lexington, KY (right). In her capacity as Mission Pastor, she leads volunteer short term mission teams. She has led several teams to Gulu, Uganda. Julie is also a valued member of the Board of Directors of Gulu Methodist Partnership Inc (GMPI). During her trips to Gulu she also represents GMPI doing on-site visits.            

#1                                                                                                                                         -#2
34 Picture (#1) includes the members of a mission team Julie led last Fall (2016) to Gulu. One of the team’s objectives was to assist the CHILDERO mission. CHILDERO provides education, Christian discipleship and mentoring to 50 orphans of the Gulu UMCs. Nearly three years ago the CUMC and the GMPI partnered together to establish this mission. CUMC sent a mission coordinator, Cara Starns (#2) to Gulu to organize the mission with an Advisory Council and an indigenous replacement Coordinator, Sandra Ayat (3). Julie provides training opportunities for the Gulu Advisory Board (#4). Julie and her team participate in the CHILDERO Bible Clubs.
            #3                                            #4                                                        #5







As a Board Member, Julie conducts on-site visits on behalf of GMPI. For example, to see the maintenance needs of the District Conference Center (#6). The Center was built with GMPI funds and GMPI sponsored Volunteers In Mission Teams.


            During the 2016 Fall Mission, Julie visited the Gulu pastors and their families. She was able to get to get to know them and bring back to GMPI a report of their fruitfulness and well-being.


      Gulu District Superintendent               Pastor Peter Ojok &Family        Pastor Solomon Obita & Family
David Ntogohnya &Family                    Koch Goma UMC                            Layibi UMC            


  Pastor Douglas Komaketch &         Pastor Alfonse Lakal &              Pastor Patrick Oryema &
Family      Ariega UMC                      Family     Koch Corom UMC    Family      Lujolongole UMC


    Pastor Titus Olaka       Pastor Josephine Lamwaka
Opit UMC                       Acshwan UMC

The pastors are pictured  together wearing the University of Kentucky sweat shirts presented to them during Julie’s mission trip prior to 2016.




Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website (gulumethodistpartnershipinc.org).  Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go. You may contact the Executive Director via e-mail jeshroll@gmail.com or Telephone 1-606-473 2370).
Gulu Uganda Short Term Mission Interest Form

NAME _______________________________________________________
ADDRESS  _____________________________________________________

HOME / CELL PHONE  ____________________________________________________
E-MAIL  _______________________________________________________

BIRTHDAY  __________________________

HOME CHURCH _________________________________________________
CHURCH ADDRESS _______________________________________________
CHURCH TELEPHONE    ___________________________________________                

Your name will be added to a group list. When a trip to GULU is planned, leadership will contact you with details and an invitation to join the team.



                                            DECEMBER 8, 2016


The Gulu Methodist Partnership, Inc. (GMPI) Board of Directors met Saturday, November 5, 2016,  at Hindman United Methodist Church, Hindman, KY. I am indebted to KERRI ONEILL who took the minutes for the meeting. The following is taken from that meeting.


FAITHFUL GMPI TREASURER, PEGGY PAYNE, RESIGNS AFTER FIVE YEARS. The Treasurer, Peggy Payne tendered her resignation effective January 1, 2017.  I shared with the Board, my appreciation for the hard work Peggy had done over the years. GMPI would not be where it is today without her devoted efforts. The group was showed a beautiful plaque that would be presented to Peggy for her years of faithful service to GMPI as a founding member.  Pastor Rob Hoffman volunteered to serve as the next treasurer. Dr. Grady Stumbo made a motion to accept Rob’s offer.  The Board Members wholeheartedly accepted this recommendation and welcomed Rob to his new role!  Rob will work with Peggy on a transition plan.


CHILDERO MISSION TO DISCIPLE AND EDUCATE 48 ORPHANS OF THE GULU UMCS.  The mission is sponsored by Centenary UMC (Lexington) in partnership with the GMPI. Julie Broderson, CUMC’s mission minister, gave us her report on CHILDERO. Julie summarized the last mission trip which involved 5 individuals.  They visited each pastor’s home and spent time with their families.  They attended several Bible Club sessions and even taught one.  New brochures have been created.  Also, she showed a brief student testimonial video taken during the last mission trip.  She also agreed to send each Member a link to a new promotional video that was recently developed.  Julie receives and reviews the financial updates from the CHILDERO Coordinator and provides the final cost information to the GMPI Treasurer: detailed evidence, such as receipts and written explanations, are available upon request.  Julie is planning another trip to Gulu in Fall 2017 with Centenary UMC.  More details about this trip to follow.             


The WATER WELL PROJECTt –  The Board approved five projects for a total of $13,000

  1. New Deep Water Well at Achwang (serves 280 homes)
  2. Repairs to existing well at Layibi (serves 1000 people)
  3. Repairs to existing well at Opit (serves 400 people)
  4. Repairs to existing well at Koch Goma (serves 47 homes)
  5. Repairs to existing well at Koch Corom (serves 100 homes)

The money has been sent to the district but cannot be used until several preconditions are met: The conditions are:1) Each church should organize a community fund raiser for maintaining the wells in the future. This will measure their interest and commitment to the project. Additional money can be raised through the usage fees proposed by the churches, but the initial money should be raised up front to demonstrate the communities’ interest and commitment to the projects. 2) The water committees must appoint someone other than the church’s pastor to be the primary person who will make repairs in the future.  Pastors and other church members can also be trained if so desired.


 THE GRAIN SELLING PROJECT -   This was a fund request that answered most of the questions raised at the Spring BOD meeting. This is a project to buy grain from local farmers, grind it, and sell it to benefit the churches.The cost for Year 1 is $4,303 which includes $2,861 in one-time startup costs.  The cost for Year 2 is $1,442.  The project is to be self-sustaining after Year 2. The Board approved this project with the following conditions:

  1. GMPI will only fund Years 1 and 2.
  2. The project coordinator will provide a more detailed explanation of what is included in the startup estimate.
  3. The project will demonstrate progress at the end of Year 1 before GMPI will approve the Year 2 funding.


FUNDS ($2000) FOR PASTORAL TRAINING APPROVED AND TO BE WIRED.– The Board has instructed the Treasurer to send  $2,000 to Gulu District Superintendent David Ntgonya  for the Pastoral training.


SHOE DISTRIBUTON PROJECT  – GMPI among others provided funds for Julie and her mission team to distribute over 400 (??) pairs of shoes while in Gulu.  She will provide photos of the distribution and will follow up with Sandra and David to see how well these shoes held up.  That will help determine if more shoes should be considered in the future. 



Chuck and Julie will work to: 1) Streamline the process for leading a Mission team to Gulu.      2) Create an application form for people to use who would like to be a team member or team leader. 3) How GMPI might gather a bank of interested people and facilitate the raising of VIM Teams to Gulu.


PURCHASE OF PROPERY FOR THE NEW GRACE UMC IN GONJUGU. – the Board approved wiring $550 to the Gulu District for purchasing property for the new Grace UMC in Gonjugu. pastored by Christine Lalam.  Both Christine and Lujolongole’s pastor, Patrick, are mentored by Pastor Alfonse.




  OCTOBER 10, 2016


The GMPI is composed of partners in the United States (US) and partners in Gulu, Uganda.. A partnership assumes at least two things: 1) The partners have a common purpose and they have covenanted to work together to accomplish that common purpose. 2) Each has something of value to contribute to their common purpose.

            The common purpose amd covenant of GMPI partners (in the US and in Gulu) is to make disciples for Jesus Christ in the Gulu District of Uganda. 

Both the US partners and the Gulu partners have something of value to contribute to their purpose. The US partners have funds to provide resources to pastors, churches and the Childero Orphan Ministry to support the common purpose. Likewise our Gulu partners make the most valuable contribution; they use the funds and resources to provide ministries to their churches and and communities that makes disciples grow churches and plant new churches. Our Gulu pastors are led by District Superintendent David Ntogohnya. The major leaders in the Gulu District of the United Methodist Church includes eight pastors, the coordinator of the Childero Orphan Mission, and lay leadership from each of the churches..

  This month I am focusing on one of the eight pastors, Peter Ojok of the Koch Goma UMC. The following are excerpts from reports and pictures sent by Peter that highlight the ministries of the Koch Goma church. I know you will be as overjoyed I am with his ministries and the church and community ministries of the other lay and clergy leaders.

Your Servant in Christ, Pastor John

Excerpts of the Reports and Pictures from Pastor Peter, Koch Goma UMC

In northern Uganda we have been in civil war for twenty five years, but we are free from war now but we  have another conflicts in the community concerning land. People are fighting and killing one another.  People are displaced, orphans and widows are being neglected. (John’s note: During the civil war between the LRA Rebels and government, villagers were herded into Internally Displaced Persons   (IDP) Camps for their protection. Some people didn’t go into IDP camps and took over buildings and land of those who entered the camps. After the war, years later, those returning from the camps want to take back their property. This is the source of the trouble and it is compounded by some of those who illegally took the land , sold it to others and gave them a phony receipt.).


  The  ZOA Uganda trained us to go out and teach the community about land conflicts and what the bible say about the land. As the results of the programs some are following us up to  the church and good testimonies are coming up. Prray for us so that people can know God position in any situation.


        I  want to thank God for what He is doing in our church. As a result of activities in the church ournumbers are growing every sunday and glory be to God

…. I  appreciate GMPI for supporting our ministry because we use some to buy our benches  for sitting and others to go out for evangelism. May God bless you for the passion which you have for churches in Gulu.and thank you for supporting me in my studies. May God bless you all in Jesus’ name.  (Note: the GMPI has been sending Peter and two other pastors to a several week pastoral training in Kampala.


We have also been doing some training at church with the help from ZOA Uganda. We trained about seventy adults from different churches concerning positive parenting. The program is really useful to the community and the church members. (John’s Note: Many of these children and their parents have seen and some have done terrible things during the civil war. The ministry of reconciling people to God, themselves, others and the community is a vital ministry. Parents need special parenting skills to raise these children who have fear, anger, hatred, guilt, shame and disrespect for authority.).   


(John’s Journal Note: Last May Julie, the mission minister of Centenary UMC, Lexington, led a mission team to Gulu and brought with her some soccer uniforms donated by a local soccer team). She was able to distribute a great number of uniforms.)  I would like to thank our donors who gave  the uniform to our soccer teams. Before receiving these uniforms, we shared our uniforms with the girls team but now they are very happy to have their own.

We still have challenges like footballs, netballs and volley balls are not there. We are still struggling.  Also pray for me because i have a problem at my right knee. I need an operation. I hurt it when we were playing for the inter-church competition when we won the cup.

May God bless you all in Jesus’ name.












(John’s Note) Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.



August 11, 2016
Dear Friends,
There is an old saying, “Seeing is believing.” But sometimes there are miracles that are so amazing that even after witnessing the miracle; it is almost too difficult to believe. When I look back on the past seven years of the Gulu Methodist Partnership and its work with the Gulu Methodists Churches in the Gulu District of Uganda, I see a miracle. God has accomplished great things.
Recently I received a report via email from David Ntogohnya, the Gulu District Superintendent for the eight Methodist churches of the Gulu District. Pastor David reported on how far the Gulu Methodist churches have come. God has used the donors of GMPI to partner with Gulu pastors and churches to make a miracle.
After receiving David’s report, I was so excited that I immediately forwarded his report to GMPI friends and donors.
In this edition of John’s Journal, I am now sharing David’s report with you.
Recently when I was meeting with the Pastors at the District Center, I was overwhelmed by how far the Lord had brought us; deep down in my heart i remembered how a few years ago when we conducted our meetings in small restaurants and forced to buy meals and drinks because we were occupying their space.
Thankfully we now conduct meetings, workshops and seminars at our own premises and can take as much time as we can to discuss the work of God.(John’s Note: David is referring to the District Conference Center which is a completed GMPI  Volunteer In Mission Construction project )
In all this we give the glory to God.  This year we have had a number of ongoing construction at the district Center hospitality wing,  and the churches of Achwang, Opit and Kochgoma. Achwang and Opit churches are roofed and in use even in their state; Kochgoma was built up to the ring beam and not yet roofed. Here below is a summary in picture form:

The hospitality wing of the Gulu UMC district Center (John’s Note: This is a GMPI funded Construction project. The foundation was made by the VIM 2014 Team. The Hardy UMC raised $11,000 for the ongoing construction.) 
Building Construction
At Acwang about 2 months ago I took a picture of a young pregnant mother Consil Aloyo from the local community, who was collecting water for her household use from a pond. I did not think it was safe; but it is one of the 2 sources of water in this community not far from our church premises. Consil has since given birth to a baby girl, as I was informed by Pastor Josephine.
Consil Aloyo in picture collecting water, Pastor Josephine observing

Water Collecting

The second alternative source of water at Achwang just a few metres below the church

Second Aleternative Water Source

Our new church at Achwang

Side view of the newly built Achwang Church

Achwang Church with people standing in front

Early in the year I was happy to have been invited for a retreat of some of our unemployed youth of Koch goma who had undergone some short skill courses in carpentry & joinery, tailoring, hair dressing and BCP sponsored by ZOA Uganda, a Christian NGO operating in northern Uganda. Some of the youth who did BCP have worked with Peter in the recent and ongoing construction sites which is good. Pictures below:

Skills training courses with BCP

Pastor Peter giving some remarks at the retreat

Pastor Peter speaking at the retreat

Finally we were so much blessed by the visiting team from Centenary UMC as we jointly ministered to the children (Childero), the local churches and even cemented relationships with visits to homes of pastors and a few of the children homes on the Childero program. The gift of the solar lamps were greatly appreciated by the families of the pastors.

Solar lamps given to families through Childero Ministry
I hope you were as inspired as I am by what God is doing in Gulu villages through Methodist Pastors and churches. David’s report is just some of the great things that are occurring in the Gulu District. God is using you to help make these miracles happen.
Your Servant in Christ,

Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.




JUNE 29, 2016

          This has been a busy month . I attended the Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.  GMPI had a display booth there. Kerri Oneal, one of our Board of Directors, gave of her time to work the display on Monday. This was greatly appreciated since part of the day I had to be in the Clergy Session and the Asbury Seminary luncheon that followed. Kerri met a lot of people that dropped by the booth, shared tracts and information, and took down the names of those who were interested in GMPI.

          Julie Broderson returned from leading the Centenary UMC’s mission team to Gulu.  She visited the site where Pastor Peter is building the Koch Goma church (Center) on property purchased by GMPI . Pictured lower left is Pastor Peter and David Ntogohnya, the Gulu District Superintendent, and on the right are the Gulu pastors with the exception of Pastor Christine of the Grace UMC.









The pictures on the left and right are of Julie and another member of her team, Ted Deforge, providing  training for church pastors and laity.


  Julie met with Sandra Ayat (lower left), the Coordinator of the Childero Mission .  Childero provides 48 orphan children among other things, a public school education & a weekly Bible Club for Christian discipleship and mentoring.


Julie also took to Gulu many pairs of shoes to distribute to children. These were shoes that GMPI helped to purchase. On the right is pictured a few of the happy recipients.



Pictured below are the members of Julie’s mission team and along with some Gulu pastors, the Childero Coordinator, and the District Superintendent.

We appreciate the fruitful ministry Julie does for Christ as a minister of the Centenary  UMC and all that she does as one of GMPI’s Board of Directors.





At the end of June, God blessed me with a wonderful time with the NEW BEGINNINGS CHURCH,  PIKEVILLE, KY.  On Sunday, June 26, I was invited to preach and share the GMPI Mission with the church. New Beginnings began a year ago and growth has pushed them to move four times. They are presently meeting at the Jenny Wiley Theatre in downtown Pikeville.  Ed and Ruby Smith are faithful supporters of GMPI and members of this church. Ed recommended the mission to Pastor Jarred Arnett and the Elders of the church which led to the church making a monthly pledge to GMPI and inviting me to come. The church is warm and friendly, and I met several  energetic Christians who love the Lord and take serious the great commission to make disciples. The Lord has a great and fruitful future ahead for the New Beginnings Church in the Pikeville Area. The Smiths treated Edie and I to lunch at one of our favorite places, the Texas Roadhouse. The food was great but the fellowship was greater. It was a good day.

           Well, I have a yard to mow and trim and some fire wood to stack so I had better get at it. Edie is picking blueberries and later some green beans to can. I’ve learned that with GMPI, our home church, keeping up our mini-farm, and visiting children and grandchildren, retirement doesn’t include much time for sitting in a rocker…..that’s good.

Your Servant in Christ,



Without neglecting your home church we invite those who feel led of God to support GMPI. You may give a general gift to go wherever it is presently needed or you may designate your gift to support Gulu pastors, Childero or any of the other vital ministries listed on this GMPI Website. Send your checks to GMPI Attention: Treasurer, 133 Cumberland Rd, Greenup, KY 41144. Unless your gift is for the general support of GMPI, clearly designate where your gift is to go.